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Rocks In My Socks

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Rocks In My Socks is the story of Gracie, an adorable little pink triceratops, who learns about acceptance through some unexpected visitors that show up in her favorite pink and white striped socks.

This unique book combines an endearing story and characters with games and activities to further engage and excite it’s readers.

There are 13 activities that can be played manually with colors, markers, or pencils. Learn about colors, matching, recognition, colors and music associations, and even some of Gracie’s favorite dance moves.

But, for extra added excitement, Story Time with Gracie, launched from the book’s cover, and 8 of the games integrate Augmented Reality activities that jump right off the page with animation, sound, and game play...It’s a book like nothing you have experienced before!

After purchasing the book, all you need to do is download the FREE Rocks In My Socks App from Apple’s iTunes App Store or Google Play and install on your compatible camera ready device.
[ iPad3+ / iPad Mini 2nd Gen App ]
[ iPhone 5+/iPod Touch 5th Gen ]
[ Google Play ]

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Pink and White Sock and One Silly Sized Rock

1 Sock custom made for just: $4.99 online

1 Sock custom made for just: $4.99 online

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20 Pages of Awesome Dino Fun $6.99

Coloring Pages Coloring Pages
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